Facing Up to the Challenge Ahead!!

Times are tough but hiding away from it is not the answer.

Published by The Inspiration Space
on Aug 23, 2020


One of my objectives through my Active Place account is to promote individuals who have had a huge impact on myself. There are certain people that I look to for a source of inspiration and wisdom and I would be doing you a disservice by not sharing the knowledge and wisdom which they have passed on. This may come through a podcast, book, quote or many other sources.

A quote that I have come across recently that had a significant impact was one by Olympic gold medalist Wilma Rudolph.

“Winning is great, sure, but if you are really going to do something in life, the secret is learning how to lose. Nobody goes undefeated all the time. If you can pick up after a crushing defeat, and go on to win again, you are going to be a champion someday.”

COVID19 has brought a new dimension to everybody's lives.  Myself included in that.  6 months ago I had two pumping businesses and now I have two businesses that are hurting.  Who would have thought that having two gyms in the centre of the Westend was a bad idea?  

The last two years, down to a lot of hard work, have been a huge success. In the context of the quote above - a BIG win!  At this point in time we are experiencing "a crushing defeat".  With not many businesses coming back to area for the foreseeable future we are up against it. We are in survival mode just like many other businesses.  We are on the canvas.

Honestly - I have been very despondent, frustrated and cut up about it.  I don't believe that anybody wouldn't go through a small period of that at some point in a similar situation.  However, just like the quote above states, it is important to remember the nature of life.  If life was an upward linear curve all the time then what's the point of living? Falling flat on your face and having to pull yourself off the canvas is what life really is all about. For me this has been a huge life lesson.  Many a time I have picked myself back up after a failure / something hasn't gone to plan but this time was different - this one came out of NOWHERE!!!

Normally I have always at the back of my mind been ready for the chance of failure/losing. Not that I always expect to fail/lose but I know there is always a possibility of that happening.  In this situation everything was going so well and then an unprecedented situation (COVID19) came out of the woodwork and ripped everything out from underneath us.  This current situation has taught me more than anything I've ever experienced.  

It is so easy to mope in that situation for a long time.  It is so easy to feel sorry for yourself when things don't go right.  Falling off your bike at the first time of wearing cleats.  Having to stop in your first F45 workout because it is too tough.  Pulling your hamstring whilst doing hill sprints.  Getting your mind to a point where failure is part of life is a powerful thing.  Getting up and fighting through it is even more important. I have been around this my whole life.  My father is my hero and his career has been an up and down journey since it's inception, being a Theatre producer has more peaks and troughs than most professions.  He has taught me more about picking yourself up and getting on with it than anyone I know.  Listen to my episode with on The Inspiration Space here - https://apple.co/2YdsyLn

If anything has taught me more mental resilience it is my active lifestyle.  I will tell you now.  I will fail at a workout at least once a week with my training. I'll either come second to somebody, not complete it or not perform to my best.  In those incidents I actually learn more sometimes. It drives me. You need those moments. If you won all the time or performed 100% all the time then when you do reach the top would you really be satisfied?

The recent podcast I recorded with John Brame is a fascinating listen and is an example of how an active lifestyle can teach you so much resilience. John is an ex professional triathlete for GB. The lessons and skills he has learnt through his athletic career has rolled over into other areas of his life.  This truly is a fantastic listen and sums up much of what I have spoken about in this post. Listen here - https://apple.co/2Y9iD9A

Life is difficult. Sometimes things completely out of your control come and cruelly interrupt.  However the resilience you have within is what will pick you up and throw you forward again.  Get yourself off the canvas by any means necessary.  Don't just lie there and accept it.

Published by The Inspiration Space
on Aug 23, 2020

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