Competition: Reaching an athlete’s full potential

Experience, intuition, education and a desire to constantly learn...

Published by KOTWF
on Aug 14, 2020


KOTWF's Sam Village working with F1 force Daniel Ricciardo.

High performance.

Proof of the KOTWF concept at the pinnacle of elite sport.

KOTWF’s core principles and coaching come from our experience in professional sport.

It is a combination of experience, intuition, education and a desire to constantly learn from every situation we’ve found ourselves in. We have seen these 6 coaching characteristics develop for the last decade and been loyal to these principles no matter what, when pushing athletes to be the best they can be.

It takes sacrifice and the mindset that every facet of your performance is important in or out of competition no matter how big or small. The goal is for a person to love and enjoy what they are doing, be passionate about living their dream. To continue to enjoy pushing themselves against the elements and see competition not as a threat but as a challenge. By responding accordingly to the stimulus in front of them with clarity, mental toughness, and optimism no matter what.

We are proud to say that there are guys that I have worked with that are currently the best in the world, that are on their way to becoming the best in the world if they want to, and guys that have been the best in the world and continue to teach us what it takes.

We want to create an environment at our new base in Brentford that is inclusive to everyone striving towards a competitive goal. To create a community and a tribe of equal minded individuals that want to get stuck in and live through the KOTWF principles in competition and in life!

"Let’s go and find some new frontiers!"

Be humble, have conviction and let’s go and get it. It’s on.  


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Published by KOTWF
on Aug 14, 2020

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