Best Supplements For Sore Muscle Recovery

Recovery supplements are all the rage these days. Here we list down the best recovery supplements for sore muscles!

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on Oct 20, 2021
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Working out is a great activity, but it can harm your muscles and joints if you don't take the necessary nutrients and recovery plan.

Whether you're a runner, a swimmer, a cyclist, a hiker, or a powerlifter, your muscles are constantly active so you need to make sure they're getting the vitamins and nutrients. Triathletes are even more required to follow a muscle recovery plan that will make muscles grow stronger and more resilient.

While stretching, getting enough rest, getting a massage, and other forms of recovery can help reduce muscle pain, some muscle recovery supplements can help.

These supplements are taking the fitness industry by storm because they can improve users' performance and recovery.

Why do muscles need to heal?

Failure to allow muscles to heal weakens them and prevents them from improving. As a result, exercises become difficult to complete. Getting enough rest, proper hydration, and eating the right foods are the most effective ways to recover your body.

Still, recovery supplements play an essential role in healing or removing muscle soreness.

Best Supplements for muscle soreness

Recovery supplements have become quite popular among athletes but determining which are genuine and not can be difficult. There are numerous recovery options available like physical therapy.

It's difficult to find supplements that can suit your needs. This is why we looked into the best supplements for sore muscle recovery.

Creatine supplement

Creatine increases muscle mass and strength by providing power to muscle cells. Creatine contains three amino acids: L-arginine, glycine, and L-methionine.

Elemental Nutrition German Creatine ensures that you’re getting pure Creatine Monohydrate. This is ideal for maximising performance during exercises. The supplement promotes faster muscle recovery and increased muscle growth.

You can use a single scoop of this supplement in a smoothie before and after your workout to increase your strength and allow you to exercise more intensely without causing muscle inflammation.

Best Protein supplement

Protein supplements aid in muscle recovery and promote rapid muscle repair after intensive exercise. Athletes and bodybuilders are turning to whey protein to supplement their protein intake. Whey proteins are high in essential amino acids, which stimulate muscle protein synthesis and energy levels allowing you to make that extra set easily.

Intense exercise causes microtears in muscle fibres, resulting in muscle soreness. Musashi WHEY Protein Powder can help reduce soreness, which is a normal part of the muscle-building process. Musashi WHEY is a premium blend that combines Whey Protein Isolate and WHEY Protein Concentrate . The formulation gives the best protein source for bodybuilders and athletes to build leaner muscles and recover faster.

Best L-Glutamine

Glutamine directs the body's placement of nitrogen atoms to rebuild and repair muscle tissues and reduce muscle soreness through muscle repair and glycogen replenishment. VPA L-Glutamine promotes lean muscle growth and faster cellular recovery. It also has immune system boosting properties and improves optimal gut health.

VPA's L-Glutamine contains strong muscle-building properties that can quickly repair and reduce recovery times during training. Consumption of L-Glutamine benefits triathletes by improving performance and muscle development.

Best Magnesium Supplement

After an intense workout, you may experience spasms or painful muscle contractions. These are due to calcium buildup, and this is where Magnesium comes into play. Using Now Foods Magnesium Citrate can help you avoid spasms and cramps, allowing you to exercise again without pain.

The product was derived entirely from non-GMO vegetables. It is an excellent dietary supplement that provides numerous benefits in a single capsule. Magnesium Citrate from Now Foods benefits the nervous system and enzyme production. Taking it improves your workouts and boosts your mental capacity, increasing your productivity throughout the day.

Fish oils (Fatty acids)

Blackmores Fish Oil provides the highest quality natural source of Omega-3 for those who do not eat fish at least once a week. It primarily caters to the heart, brain, skin, vision, and inflammation.

All Blackmores Fish oil extract is derived from fresh small fish through a specialised extraction process. It ensures that the oil is pure, with no mercury, dioxin, or PCBs.

Fish oils have potent anti-inflammatory elements such as omega-3, which help reduce tissue soreness. Omega 3 contains the fatty acids EPA and DHA, which can offset increased free radical damage caused by strenuous workouts that cause inflammation.

Best L-Citrulline

Using L-Citrulline can speed up oxygen and nutrient transport to stressed muscles, allowing faster recovery from strenuous exercise.

Now Foods L-Citrulline is the No. 1 L-Citrulline product and No.15 in post-workout recovery. The dietary supplement is non-GMO and steroid-free. It promotes nitric oxide production within the body and increases raw strength.

Final thoughts

An extensive workout wears out the body, leads to risk of injury if no recovery plan is in place. A workout plan should go hand in hand with rest and recovery techniques for you to get back into the gym a lot faster.

The supplements mentioned above can be added to a daily routine or post-workout meals to help your body recover quickly after intense training or exercise. Although these supplements can help your muscles recover quickly, it’s also crucial that you use them along with the fundamentals of nutrition, immunity, hydration, and sleep to help increase recovery and performance.

This article is general and doesn’t consider your health requirements or existing medical conditions. Do not use these supplements without consulting a doctor to get a professional opinion on what is appropriate and beneficial to your health.

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