Awareness – setting healthy boundaries for the athlete

Awareness is a continual education of our bodies and our minds

Published by KOTWF
on Aug 3, 2020


Know where the limit is.

Gain self-awareness of where your body, your mind and your life is at to help sustain optimal performance during competition and maintain the work/life balance.

Awareness is an education and it allows an athlete to understand where they are at physically and mentally in competition and life.

"We want to educate athletes so they can thrive in competitive environments when unsupported and when scenarios present themselves that are not perfect."

This is where the athlete must have the presence of mind to reset, understand where they are at, reassess goals, and make a less than perfect situation a success.

Pushing a person to understand the science behind their physiology, biomechanics, and nutrition, by educating them to learn why they feel a certain way and the processes to avoid or encourage those feelings in the future. Also, educating a person to have ownership of their psychology during training and at competition to enable them to get the best out of themselves on their terms without questioning or regretting how things went.

It is also vital to push an athlete to answer questions about themselves in training; do you know where the limit is? Have you explored your limits? Have you seen the limits of the environment and the equipment you are competing with? Can you compete on feel? And if you do….where is the sweet spot? Because it is never going to be perfect and there are going to be times when you must compete in the dark without radio communication from the team, or a watch, or a bike computer. It is vital to know where you are at, what is a hard effort, what is an easy effort. Continually resetting and focusing on what the next challenge is and how to overcome it.

"Awareness is a continual education of our bodies and our minds."

This doesn’t mean we dwell on things good or bad, it means we understand, learn, and then move on with more knowledge and experience.

Everything is always in flux so being aware of what is happening within you and around you is a key element of high performance.


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Published by KOTWF
on Aug 3, 2020

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