{Article} Gratitude and good vibes with OBZ Lifestyle Founder Tom Rotumah

Plenty of action paves the way for a life of PMA.

Published by ActivePlace
on Sep 17, 2020


What gets Tom Rotumah out of bed each day?

That’s easy haha, it would be my daily training protocols/routine. My passion and drive for everything Fitness, Training, Diet and Supplementation. It's what sets my day off with the right mindset. My moto is Accountability, Actions Express Priorities, Work or be Outworked.

If you had to choose between a sleep in with breakfast in bed or an early start with a gym session... what would it be, and why?

Definitely an early morning gym session. My daily routine is; training first in the morning. That helps to put me into the right mindset for the rest of the day.

You've engaged with some of the world's top performers, how has that helped shape your own life?

Yeah absolutely! We’ve all got and had role models growing up, I think that plays a big part in who you are and what you become. You watch these guys putting in the work to master their craft and you replicate that. I’ve definitely taken bits and pieces from each and everyone of them and that’s helped shape who I am today for sure.

If you had to spend a full day locked in an elevator with someone you've worked or trained with, who would it be and why?

Funny story this one. I would have to say my good mate and coach Chris from Limitless Training, who happens to be 15 years younger than me. Chris came up to me at the gym back when he was 15 years old, I was 30 at the time. He came up to me with a few questions and one of those questions was "how do I get big and what do I have to do to achieve that." Haha My reply was the same for everyone. "Eat a tonne of calories and protein and lift heavy weights, day in and day out". It's pretty simple hey, Ronnie Coleman sums it up perfectly;

“Everybody wanna be a bodybuilder but nobody wanna lift these heavy ass weights.”

So with that said that’s exactly what Chris did, and he went on to win Junior Mr Australia, a few years later he turned Pro in the WBFF Federation, a few years after that, he educated himself in Diet/Training and does that for a living and is now a true master of his craft. He teaches and educates me in everything related to Diet and Training, and to be stuck in an elevator, the conversation would be everything Fitness, Training, Diet and Supplementation, talking about body fat percentages and muscle mass and all of the above. Haha, ironic hey, the young bull teaching the old bull.

There are 365 days in a year, if you had to use 10% of them doing something you don't do enough of now, what would it be?

Definitely reading more books and stretching. These are the 2 things I lack.

Who has inspired you more than anyone else?

I would have to say Muhammad Ali for sure! The GOAT inspires me on all levels, I still get goosebumps when watching and listening to him. 

Choose one; You can now fly (at the speed of walking), or swim underwater without taking a breath (for a maximum of an hour a time)?

Flying for sure. I am a big Avengers fan, i'm 41 but i'm still a big kid at heart and still think and act like i'm 21.

 What would you say to a 15yr old version of yourself?

Hmm, this is a good one because it’s the same thing I’ve said to my daughter who is just about to turn 18. I'd say "find something you love doing and do it for the rest of your life and if you want to be successful at it, you need to put in the work day in day out, actions express priorities! Surround yourself with people/friends that are going to inspire you and help you grow, and have a good mentor, someone to look up to who is making sure you keep yourself accountable."

What has this whole Covid-19 thing taught you?

Well, that there is a bigger agenda than the virus. I could go on all day about my thoughts and opinions but we will leave it at that. One thing it has taught me is that Health is Wealth and that we all need is to make sure we are healthy and our immune system is functioning efficiently.

Who would you like to give gratitude to? 

Grateful for everyone that’s a part of my life and journey, my family and friends, especially my daughter Taylor, who inspires me everyday to be better and do better and to be a good father. I am actually grateful for the little things in life funnily enough, the roof that’s over my head, the food on the table, our endless supply of clean accessible water, the place that we live in with the beach, ocean, creek and the mountains behind us. My full body function, my eye sight, that people take for granted and the fact I get to wake up everyday to do what I love and live the life I do with the opportunities to do and be whatever we want is just amazing, I am truly blessed and grateful.

Tom Rotumah is the Founder of OBZ Lifestyle, has a passion and dedication to everything health, fitness, training and supplementation and is the reason behind the brand. Creating and formulating products for your everyday person and performance base athlete, Tom and his team have created supplements that include the top superfoods that increase energy, vitality, health and performance. Dive in to learn more about OBZ Lifestyle or Tom Rotumah here on ActivePlace, or visit the website here.

Published by ActivePlace
on Sep 17, 2020

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