Anyone Else Have a BIG August?

A Thought Provoking Weekend!

Published by Haydn Elliott
on Sep 8, 2020


Maybe it's just me but I had a VERY excessive August. Maybe it's down to being in Lockdown for the 4 months. Maybe it's because my work life has been an upward battle. Maybe I'm just making excuses? More likely the latter. 

I ate in a huge surplus. I trained far too much.  I drank more alcohol than I usually would and I worked some monumental hours.  The only thing that wasn't excessive was the amount of sleep I was getting.  Look every now and then it is good to let your hair down but for me I hit a point where the fogginess starts to creep in.  At that point I know I need to reign it in and get myself grounded to keep myself moving forward.

The one thing that ALWAYS gets me back into the productive and hungry mindset is my love for fitness. Scheduling my weekends around doing something active and endorphin producing is the catalyst for some special things for me.  The weekend I just had was one of the best examples to date of this. Let me walk you through it and explain the impact it had on me - it was a banger.

I've been around fitness for a long time I do have the tendency to stop pushing myself outside my comfort zone.  I'm somebody that loves to experience new things - visit new places, meet new people, have a go at new challenges etc.... However as I spend my days in a gym it's very easy to train there and simply go through the motions. 

On Tuesday of last week I was urged to go and try Farm Fitness all the way out in Great Dunmow, Hertfordshire. I had just had the mental shift of - I need to get myself focused again and this provided me with a great opportunity to get stimulated. What I love about these kind of experiences, after a period of going through the motions, is that you wake up on the day and think - "I really can't be f*cked for this.  I might just cancel and do it another time."

In moments like this I know that it's all about getting yourself up, having a coffee and getting stuck in.  Turning up and getting involved is one of the most important lessons my father ever taught me.  On Saturday in all honesty I could NOT be bothered - I had an hour drive and I was feeling stiff from a big week of training.  

No word of a lie - the second I walked into Farm Fitness I was itching to get going.  I knew I was going to challenged. I knew it would be an experience that would grow me as a person. But more than anything I knew it would be an experience that I wouldn't forget. That's what it's all about.  Check out their website here to get further insight to the epic operation they are running down there -

The workout on the day was - 5 blocks of 8 minutes each. Savage. I was in a team of 3 with two great lads.  I pushed myself to the absolute limit - the last two workouts specifically wrecked me.

Block 4 

Max rope climbs (I managed 4 legless) + Max cals on Rower 

Block 5 

AMRAP - 3 Devil Press (17.5kgs) + 6 Sandbag Floor to Shoulder (30kg) + 12 Cals on Assaults Bike

I hear a lot of talk about comfort zones - sometimes cringeworthy. It can be a very thrown around term.  However  I am a big believer that staying within your comfort zone can really restrict what you are capable of achieving.  More than anything I think it is important to remind ourselves of that. Be aware of it. 

With having crushed an epic workout at 'The Farm' I headed back to London to set up for our F45 Oxford Circus and F45 Soho Community event on the Sunday.  The event - which is a monthly reoccurring event on the first Sunday of every month - has been named 'The Sunday Roast'. This is a free event that is extended to current, old and future members (and their friends and family).  The intention of these events is to remind everybody what our gyms are all about - community. These days out will more often then not be inspired by fitness but will always include something leisurely during or after.

This first one was a huge success which included 3 stages starting in Regents Park and ending up at our Soho studio with Pizzas and Aperol Spritz, I only had ONE Aperol - #growth. For many people they would have been hesitant to get involved but our team encouraged everyone to get involved and enjoy it. As soon as the fun and games begun it was an incredible atmosphere with people of all fitness levels urging each other on and have a fantastic time.

In summary this weekend reminded me how fitness can be the springboard for so much sustainable happiness. Forcing yourself against taking the path of least resistance can unleash you into opportunities and experiences you couldn't't have imagined.  Taking it upon yourself to find people and environments that allow you to do this is so important for personal development. This ActivePlace platform is one which brings us all together as an active community so take full advantage of the content and the opportunities that come across it.  

I'll leave you with a quote that always makes me tingle and act. We only have this one life and I want to be all used up by the time I'm done with it.

"It is not too uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living" - Eckhart Tolle

Published by Haydn Elliott
on Sep 8, 2020

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