A runners mindset

A runners mindset is a growth mindset.

Published by Odette Blacklock
on Feb 16, 2021


Running the open road

What moves us from "I cant" to "I bloody well am!" ?

Having a Growth Mindset is defined by believing that our most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.” ( Dweck, 2015)

Your mindset matters, courage matters, personal awareness is needed, and openness to change is essential.

So how does running relate to having a growth mindset?

When we start running or even think about running there will be a back story that runs in our head, it may be telling us " your going to run this half marathon its going to be epic, I'm excited", or it may be saying "I know its going to be tough to run a half marathon but Im going to face my fears and push my limits, doing something tough is with in me".

Or it may me saying "Im going to run this race and may not even make it". Whilst one is more beneficial mind talk than the other, they are all displaying courage to challenge themselves. They are showing personal awareness in their ability to know what they are up for, and openness to go for something unknown.

When we believe we can accomplish our goals we believe in our abilities and this is met with taking aligned action. 

Just turning up for the run is a form of showing up for our selves and strengthens our self trust and worthiness of betterment.

We also develop a love of learning on a run we learn more and more about our body, its ability to change and get stronger, its ability to breakdown and repair, we learn about how we as an individual physically work, we understand our pain threshold, where we are weak and where we are strong, it serves as a barometer that keeps us in check. 

We become present and connected with our feelings not just in our head but in our body. We learn to love our body and find gratitude in where it can take us.

We build the attribute of resilience, pain and trauma can be thrust upon us at any time in our life and those with a low tolerance of pain and little resilience may suffer the worst. 

Running is a choice, the pain we experience on the run is a choice, yet it always leaves a door open for us to quit and stop at any time, It allows us to hear the voices in our head that seem to shout the loudest to stop us from going though any pain, wanting to protect us from harm.

We have the ability to quiet those voices that can stop us taking action for growth and living life despite how scary it sometimes gets.  We get to choose who holds the microphone in our head, we get to choose to continue to listen to the voice that says take one more step, go one more mile, you can and will do it. And so on a daily basis on every run alone or together we get to build our tolerance and personal resilience levels.

When I chose to take up running again as an adult and not as a child, the reasons why I run are very different now. As a child it was natural aptitude, it was the fun and the ease and excitement of winning a race.

As an adult it's about winning my life's story, my feeling on a daily basis, living into my body and connecting with the natural environment around me, exploring where my body can take me and where my mind tries to stop me. It develops my self confidence and self worth as I look after myself and continue to show up for myself.

A runners mindset is a growth mindset. It is something I am passionate about and is present in all my work as a Sports podiatrist and sprinter and a mindset coach. If I can share this truth and help others to apply it and experience the benefits in their life, then I know it will be a more richly rewarding life indeed.

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Published by Odette Blacklock
on Feb 16, 2021

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