5 images that took my breath away today

An active life through the lens of creativity.

Published by Troy Archer
on July 31, 2020


London encouragement / photographer Ariel Piloto

Some images stop you in your tracks, some people do too, this shot by Ariel Piloto did both in equal serves.

Speed and focus / photographer Maico Amorim

Maico Amorim probably didn't get lucky with this shot, i'm sure he meant it completely, but man did he get lucky, or maybe not, either way, it's a cracker.

How every Friday feels / photographer Jakob Owens

If a photo could represent how I feel on Friday afternoon, this would be it. A mood perfectly captured by Jakob Owens

Just Do It / photographer Thomas Serer

I have a soft spot for Nike and i'm not afraid to acknowledge it. Photographer Thomas Serer just gave us another beautiful representation of the brand.

Fitz Roy Patagonia / photographer Andrea Leopardi

If there was one photo today that made me want to get out and explore, near or far, it's this one by Andrea Leopardi


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Published by Troy Archer
on July 31, 2020

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