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Annette Miles

Annette Miles · 6min

Fantastic view! 😍

Anna Richards

Anna Richards · 1min

Wow! 👍✨

Jacob Warren

Jacob Warren · 12min

Great job 🏁

Celebrating your sporting achievements will never be the same

Instantly Unique, Personalized

Instantly unique, personalized

No more getting the exact same medal others got.

Every medal you earn is unique and numbered.

Each race medal also includes your place & additional race information.

Access Everywhere and Forever

Access everywhere and forever

Traditional medals take up space, they can be lost, they can be damaged.

Take your medals everywhere you go, having them instantly available via your smartphone.

Official, Trusted & Certified

Official, trusted & certified

Once you earn your medal, it’s permanently stored online for anyone and everyone to see, forever.

It can never be overwritten, changed or modified and if you choose to, everyone will know it’s yours.

Simply Better for the Environment

Simply better for the environment

Physical medals are made out of silver, bronze, and sometimes even gold.

Obtaining those resources from our planet comes with a cost to the environment; help us save the planet one medal at a time.

Who is ActivePlace?

ActivePlace is the official creator of Digital Medals via Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs) on the Avalanche Blockchain.

We create them this way for one simple reason: It allows people to have a permanent and decentralized digital memory of their achievement, while making it extremely easy to celebrate and share anywhere, anytime...

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Find your next sports event

Find your next endurance event, and “Move-to-Earn” your achievements as an Digital NFT Medal

Find Your Next Sports Event
Find Your Next Sports Event